lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Questions Bathsheba Exit Test

Chicos/as aqui os dejo las preguntas del EXIT TEST OF BATHSHEBA(ya corregidas).

1.Bathsheba and Cobweb.
2.A turbo-broom.
3.She paints the sky.
4.Completely black.
5.She puts some rain,a white cloud,two spoons of fog and some invisible powder.
6.Mr Jones.
7.A Greengrocer's.
8.Because Bathsheba is asleep.
9.The Good Weather Competition.
10.Doctor Miracle.
11.A love potion.
12.Her glasses.
13.Because she sweeps the clouds and paint the sky.
14.Captain Troy.
15.She cleans Captain Troy's house.
16.A plate.
17.The vicar and Miss Price.
18.Captain Troy singing love songs and Miss Price sitting on the roof on the vicar's car.
19.He opens the black door.
20.A statue.
22.Hot chocolate and biscuits.
23.He takes the man in the red jacket to home and then blows dust ,takes a everyone and forget into all the houses.
24.The Witches and Wizards Computer Course.
25.To take a letter to the Green Dragon.
26.At the top of Lone Mountain.
27.Light blue.
28.Bathsheba helps him to send.
29.The postman.
30.A letter.
31.Bathsheba and Captain Troy .
32.A day trip to Glen-Crag Castle.
34.A crystal mountain.

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