miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

La piedra Rosetta

Esta es la famosa piedra Rosetta de la que la profe nos ha hablado hoy:

Piedra Rosetta

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  1. Dear Alicia and classmates,

    I just write a comment to tell you that I was there, in The British Museum, to see this famous 'Rosseta Stone'. It was wonderful to see it, overall when I studied it when I was a kid like all of you. Maybe one day, you could go to visit this wonderful museum in London and see this famous piece with your own eyes...and not only the rosseta Stone, also the huge egyptian esculptures, the egyptian paintings...and mummies!!

    I remember that the 'Egypt Room' was the first thing I did when I entered to the museum...It was so exciting!! It was absolutely amazing!! I spend four hours in the same room, and I have to say that having knowledge in English was fabuluous, because I could read all the explanations on the walls and even I could ask to the people around when I couldn't understand anything.

    So, well done all of you!! I really encourage you to continue with this adventure on learning English, because now I can tell you due to my experience that thanks to this, many and very interesting doors are going to be opened for all of you.

    Thanks for the picture because it has brought me really good memories.


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