miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

the questions of halloween

hello friends there are the questions of halloween

1.when is halloween celebrating?
2.were is halloween celebrating?
3.what are the origens of halloween?
4.accordine to the celts how was the calendar divding?
5.when did the celts celebrating the samhain festivitie?were did they celebrating samhain?
6.how were the druids?
7.what did the druids doon 31th?
8.what did the celts belive?
9.what are the colors of halloween?
10.what is the origens of this colors?
11.what did the druids believe about black celts?
12.what happened to the festivitie of "samhain" after the romany invadid grat britain?
13.what did the romany chetolic church do?
14.cen you tell me some try pice halloween costumes?
15.when is bobbires for apples?
16.tell me two very popular traditory in the u.s.a explain them.

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