miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Preguntas de el examen de halloween


1- When is Halloween celebreted?
2- Where is Halloween celebreted?
3- What are the origins of Halloween?
4- Acording to the Celts, how was the calendar divided?
5- What did the Celts celebrate during the "Samhain" festivity? When was "Samhain" celebrated?

6- What were the druids?
7- What did the druids do on 31 st October?

8- What did the Celts believe?

9- What are the colours of Halloween?
10- What is the origin of these colours?
11- What did the druids believe about black cats?

12- What happened to the festivity of "Samhain" after the Romans invaded Great Britain?

13-What did the Romans Catholic Church do with the pre-Christian festivities?

14- Can you tell me some typical Halloween costumes?
15-What is "bobbing for apples"?

16-Tell me two popular traditions of U.S.A. Explane them.

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